Commencement 2017

‘SOS 610: Post-Graduation’: 1 last course to teach you about life after graduation

SOS 610: Post-Graduation (18 Credits)

INSTRUCTOR: Mom (, Boss (, Life (
OFFICE: Your dingy apartment, your short-term job and your dream-state projections of discontent

CONTACT: Prayers can be sent through whichever means you practice and to whichever religious entity you believe. Facebook rants also work.

OFFICE HOURS: By appointment

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Four years of college, including four science courses, four humanities courses and zero courses on how to manage money or survive on the land


SOS 610 is a skill-based experience credit course requiring constant work, both supervised and unsupervised. The assignments are meant to ensure your personal and professional growth, as well as your ability to sustain your own life. Offered in cooperation with the advising offices, this experience will shock you into building new skills that academia left you unprepared for prior to now. Due to the number of students enrolled in this course, you will not hear from the instructors unless you do something wrong — but it’s pretty much guaranteed you will hear from them. Questions and concerns can be directed to the contact points noted above.


Sustainable, yet concerning, levels of cooking and cleaning knowledge; unsatisfactory levels of employment; high levels of emotional expression; varying levels of nostalgia; newfound ability to recognize inadequate preparation and to problem-solve


1) Apartment Hunt — Do you look online? What do you look for? What’s a clear scam? Which apartments should immediately siren “there was a murder here?” All things you figure out in assignment one.
2) Job Hunt — What field do you want to be in? How do you network? What’s proper follow-up protocol? For our female students, what’s too pushy? What fields could you see yourself being fine in? What’s settling? All things you figure out in assignment two. Some students will be able to skip this step because they completed prior to enrollment.
3) Bills — Keep up with the bills throughout the course. Though this is not a separate assignment, it should be completed as they come up sporadically, or it could have consequences.
4) Self-Reflection — Throughout all of these assignments, a lot will come up unexpectedly. Though we can’t really prepare you, we trust that you will maneuver these pop-ups and potholes as you have throughout your other coursework. During this time, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. This course implores you to self-reflect. Determine how you can be better and feel better. Though your support system will change drastically, it’s important to make sure there is still one in place. Make adjustments if they will suit you better. You aren’t locked into any one plan.
5) Social Media — Keep your social media strong so you give the appearance of thriving post-grad without bragging, and no one thinks you have anything to self-reflect about.

Patty Terhune is a senior policy studies and television, radio and film dual major. Yes, she’s still unemployed post-grad. She’s thinks she will land some kind of a job soon though so she’s not worried. No, seriously. Follow her on Twitter @pattyterhune or reach her at


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