Choose Your Own Adventure: Mayfest

Whether you are a freshman who doesn’t know what to expect, a seasoned sophomore, jaded junior, checked-out senior or concerned parent who reads my columns in the hopes of figuring out what your uncommunicative child does at college, it’s almost Mayfest. While Mayfest is definitely not a university-sponsored party, most professors cancel class, there’s a concert in Walnut Park and a larger concert at night in the Dome and those over 21 can receive several free beers. And there’s free corn dogs.

With few classes, multiple concerts and endless corn dogs, the day, understandably, becomes a scene out of a college movie — usually one where the moral is that college students are irresponsible party animals. The off-campus streets become a beautiful Game of Life board, each house open with something new to offer. Although, maybe a better analogy is Jenga because if you pull from too many, you will inevitably fall down.

Follow the questions below and see how you fare on Syracuse University’s rowdiest day of the year.

It’s the night before Mayfest and all through the house, not a creature is stirring because they know they are going to put their livers into overtime tomorrow.

What time is your pregame alarm set for?

8 a.m.: I’ll have a nice mimosa or bloody mary breakfast to start off my day. (Paragraph A)

10 a.m.: Maybe I’ll have a shower beer before heading to pregames. (Paragraph B)

Noon: I don’t understand why people wake up earlier than they would for classes to pregame. (Paragraph C)

A: Your alarm goes off at 8 a.m. and you spring up. Mayfest is here. You’ve had your outfit prepared for months. You got it in November and you were worried the weather might not work. But it did. You have your whole day scheduled and you are so excited to go to the pregame(s).

B: 10 a.m. comes. You roll out of bed and grab a Natty to bring it to the shower with you. Luckily, the shower snaps you out of your funk and gets you in the mood to Mayfest. You have another couple beers with your roommates, play a couple a.m. drinking games, before heading over to the pregame(s).

C: You wake up at 12 p.m., entirely confident in your decision. Anyone who got up earlier is a fool. You aren’t planning to go all out today. You have other things to do and you think the day is kind of gratuitous anyway. You do want to go to Walnut Park to grab some free food though, because you are a fiscally responsible college student. Because of that, you want to go to the pregame your friend is having so you can make your way to Walnut with them.

Now for the pregame. In a word: absurd. There are people on the roof even though there is a City of Syracuse law against that and there are a lot of people with open containers, even though there’s a law against that too.

Where do you go?

The keg to do a keg stand. (Paragraph D)

The 30’s to grab a can of beer. (Paragraph E)

Your group of friends. (Paragraph F)

D: Two choices tells nothing, just make good enough choices to get to corndogs.

E: Two choices tells nothing, just make good enough choices to get to corndogs.

F: Two choices tells nothing, just make good enough choices to get to corndogs.

Patty Terhune is a senior policy studies and television, radio and film dual major. She will be waking up at 10 a.m. on Friday. Follow her on Twitter @pattyterhune or reach her at


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